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Escrito por Augusto Pérez Gémez, Orlando Scoppetta & Luis Flórez Alarcón   
Jueves, 06 de Octubre de 2011 10:42

Edad de inicio del consumo de alcohol y riesgo de uso problemático de alcohol y  sustancias psicoactivas en la edad adulta en Colombia

Age at Onset of Alcohol Consumption and Risk of Problematic Alcohol and Psychoactive Substance Use in Adulthood in the General Population in Colombia

A secondary analysis of data from a national Colombian survey on drugs and alcohol use collected in a 2008 population aged 12 to 65 was carried out to evaluate whether the early use of alcohol can predict higher probabilities of problematic use and dependency to alcohol and other substances. In this study, those who began drinking alcohol at age 14 or younger had 10 times more probability to use some illegal substance than those who began after 21 and 4 times more than those who began at age 18. The results showed unequivocally a relationship between early use of alcohol and the probability of becoming involved in adulthood with alcohol and some illicit drugs.

The Journal of International Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Research; 2011, Vol. 1, No. 1, 19–24

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